Welcome to Stravelling The World! Another boring traveling blog? Or another boring running blog? Well you would be right and wrong on both counts! Right, in that the blog is about running and travelling, but wrong in that its boring. Ok, i’ll let you be the judge of the boring part!

But what exactly is Stravelling the world? Well to explain, you just need to know 3 things:

1. My wife and I are taking a 6 month sabatical from our respective workplaces and jetting off to the other side of the world to see some of the finest countries Asia has to offer!
2. I am a running addict.
3. I bloody love puns.

So this blog is intended to be a little bit about our travels visiting the delights that Southeast Asia and the Far East have to offer, a little bit about keeping up my running training to stay sharp, and a few race reports thrown in.

Why the odd name? Well read the Happy Stravels page to find out! See links to all pages below:
Click here for Happy stravels

Click here for Race reports

click here for Video blogs

Stay safe and happy stravelling!


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